Memory Book Q&As

Everyone wants to know how people are doing !!

Whether you will be attending the reunion or not, we will include your name and high school photo in our on-line Memory Book.

If you would like to share more than just your name and photo, you can answer some or all of the questions below which will be included in the Memory Book.

If you attend the reunion, we will include a 'now' photograph that is taken at the reunion by an alumni or in the photobooth.  If you do not attend the reunion, you may wish to send a current photo which we will put next to your high school photo in the Memory Book.  E-mail to

NOTE:  The information you provide will go into the Memory Book that will be posted on this website.  Please do not provide any information that you do not wish to share with alumni.

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17)   Bucket List Accomplishments?

18)   Favorite teacher in high school:

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21)   Favorite memory from high school: